Hi hi, if you’ve found your way here I hope it’s because you have been actively enjoying some wholesome paw-filled content and not by accident. As per my bio, I am just an average individual looking to elicit stress relieving content for both myself and an audience. Establishing pleasantpawws.com has been an invigorating experience which I have PUB 101 to thank for. As a higher level university student you often get lost in a world of overwhelming decisions and responsibilities. That being said, everybody needs one or more forms of therapeutic escapes. Along side my passion for fashion, music, and healthy living; I am a dedicated cat mom who finds ultimate peace in cherishing hours on end with my cat, Luka. So accompany me on this newly found journey where I showcase chapters of peace from my time spent with Luka as a proactive method to cope with inevitable pressures. Stay tuned for a feline-friendly experience each week!