Luka & his Camel

As midterm season approaches, I find that my schedule has been even more hectic than usual. Deadline upon deadline has left my brain absolutely fried. It has certainly not been easy trying to balance my healthy living habits, relationships, co-op deadlines, and working on top of school work. Which is why I simply had to take a step back for myself this week, and just spend some time mentally and physically healing.

That being said, one of the relationships I had neglected over the last week, has been my relationship with Luka. Lately, it has been a pattern of waking up, grinding out what has to be done, coming home and then heading out to spend leisure time with friends. Between this schedule I did not get to give Luka the attention and care he needs from his primary owner. While there are other people at home who can take care of him, their schedule’s are equally demanding as mine is. So, one night I decided to give Luka a little extra attention for the days of missed cuddles. Knowing that he would continue to be neglected to some extent during these next few weeks with other parts of my life demanding so much from me, I decided to find Luka a friend. This friend being a stuffed animal in the form of a camel, which I attained on a trip to Dubai as a child. I felt even more connected to Luka knowing that I could share a piece from my childhood that brought me comfort with him. As per the visual above…mission complete :))