Birthday Poacher

In these last two weeks, I had struggled to keep on top of school work as I dedicated most of my time to preparing for upcoming co-op interviews. Throughout this semester, as it is simultaneously my co-op seeking semester, which for those of you who don’t know; means the job seeking semester, where students are required to actively apply for jobs on a weekly basis. Having to maintain my healthy living life style, which includes keeping a clean diet, and going to the gym, in addition to a social life, my current job, and school; I faltered. That being said, I dedicated most of my time to co-op, as the anxiety of not having secured a job yet is slowly beginning to eat away at me.

Alas, my moment of peace during the week, was a moment poached by a none other than my little Luka. Amidst a quiet celebration of my brother’s 25th birthday, our little furry friend felt he needed celebrating too. Showcasing his affinity for boxes, Luka did not waste anytime stealing the spotlight as he settled into the cake box :’) This reminded me that there will always be good moments to be cherished even with all the background chaos.

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