I Bid Thee Farewell -Luka

Alas, the time has come for new ventures to take flight…while it has been an enriching experience to intermingle the private and public spheres it feels right to temporarily halt pawwchapters. Creating this blog has been a healthy way to exert my internal turmoil throughout this semester, especially getting to share the most precious part of my life to my imagined audience; Luka. It feels bittersweet that time has moved so fast, and this entails a preliminary end to my accounts of mental and Luka’s healing presence. If I continue to blog, I aim to change up the content of my cyberspace in hopes of sharing more than just my strife as a student. It has been a pleasure to capture so many moments with Luka, as there was an idle period prior to my enrolment in PUB101 where I stopped recording his life. If anything, this course has propelled me to continue documenting the mischief of my furry friend. Thank you to those who have tuned in so far, and I hope the next time we touch base I will have a new and improved version of of which entails multifaceted content.

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