Laundry Day Sabotage

Amidst a bustling week its easy to neglect chores, and let that pile of laundry fester days on end…fret not! I actually find an odd sense of peace when finding the time to clean out my quarters and take care of that never-ending hamper of laundry. Considering I am an extremely task oriented person, completing mealy household chores offer a sense of productivity and fulfillment that you wouldn’t expect it to.

After having spent a few hours running my loads through the washer and dryer, I take a moment to unwind…before I know it my ears are filled with an incessant scratching sound. To no surprise I find none other than mischievous little Luka himself moments away from stifling through my freshly folded laundry. It seems to be a common occurrence for Luka to explore places he is not supposed to. Halted by his determination to get inside my wardrobe, I was compelled to capture the moment before his little socks made the final leap to dismantle hours of my work.

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