New Cat Alert!?

Over reading break, I was able to maintain close to zero instances of stress. This is primarily because I did not allow myself to have any assignments inhibit my time to academically DE-stress. The week prior to reading break, I made sure to keep on top of school and get everything that was due in the near future completed, so I would not have to worry about it during my leisure time. But yes, I am officially guilty of being one of those students who did not actually commit to any “reading” over reading break, so don’t fret you guys!! I can guarantee the greater majority of student population used this break for leisure over academics.

So I welcome a different furry accomplice in this post, who belongs to my best friend. We all know that our feline counterparts love a good enclosed space right? Here, I introduce you to Vanessa, a half maine-coon fluff ball who seemed to love the car garbage bag I got my friend. I don’t think I could ever get sick of watching cats do the MOST :’)

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