Valentines Special

As the season of Cupid approaches external pressures make you feel as though you are obligated to be partnered up. That being said, this last year has been a phenomenal year of self-growth and individual independence that has allowed me to flourish on my own. While I am still victim to the social structures perpetuated by Valentines Day, I was able to find deep comfort in the life I have built for myself.

This comfort in being by one’s self and owning your independence are qualities I have learned from my mom. Growing up I have seen her triumph through many stages of trial and error, all the while never ceasing to stray from being a dedicated mother. Due to certain circumstances my mom was unable to spend this universal day of love with her boo ie. my stepdad. So, I took it upon myself to gift her with a small gesture of festivity.

Alas, our inherently independent guard was able to crumble while we spent a cozy night at home sharing in Luka’s cuddles and the company of one another.

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