Zen Cat?

After last week’s disarray, in the last seven days I have made it my mission to prioritize both self-care and Luka’s care above anything else. Starting with early mornings, I allow myself the time to eat a proper breakfast and go through my morning routine without having to rush. On top of that, I have gained the added luxury of time to meditate and practice mobility stretching. This is a practice I have only recently incorporated into my schedule as I only just learned about the importance of stretching your body out on a regular basis. I have been employing my very surface understanding of Zen meditation which is a form of Buddhist meditation that aims to serve all round cognitive functioning and restoration of the body.

As I have continued to navigate my practice through this routine, Luka has so enthusiastically joined me on my yoga mat every morning. In particular he likes to enclose his head within the bag that holds my yoga mat, which to him must seem like a whole new abyss he can explore. Also a little background to this photo, he was getting ready to pounce on me because it seemed that I was intruding on his mat space…Oops. Stay tuned for next week when I capture his exploration of the yoga mat bag on camera 😉

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