Alas, we have hit the last few weeks of PUB 101, which leads me to the final peer review of the semester. This week, I will conduct a peer review on the website (; a site developed to enlighten users on Crypto and NFTs.

Assessment of content and design decisions:

Starting with the About page, idkcrypto’s content already sets an extremely informative foundation for the rest of the web space ( That being said, I am not sure as to whether or not it was a glitch on my end, but I was not actually able to see any content under the NFT’s or Crypto tabs themselves although I do see posts that I am sure were meant to be under those tabs.

For instance the post “What is fungibility?” ( explains the origins behind the concept NFT. Reading through this post in addition to others it is very abundantly clear that the website creator is well-versed in the topic and it is refreshing to see content creators educating users on such relevant discourse.

In terms of design, idkcrypto employs a black, white and grey colour scheme which I think fits appropriately with the theme of the site. The design is simple yet effective, I like the set up of the home screen and how the social media and menu are set up. Overall, easy to navigate and manoeuvre , additionally the use of text bolding and sizing makes text easy to read. My only suggestion is to include more visual graphics in order to facilitate a more interactive user experience considering the content is very information heavy.

Clear engagement with course readings:

In a society that is so used to media framing, and misinformation practices I think it is important that idkcrypto maintains integral information sharing practices. Giving the audience a full background of what crypto and NFTs entail in addition to sharing how beginners can get involved is a surprisingly gate-kept practice. Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis’ reading titled “Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online” delve into the online world of media manipulation and disinformation. In this text there is a particular section that explores who manipulates media and who in fact perpetuates disinformation. It has been concluded that these regressive practices are typically traced to groups involved in far-right media manipulation which include; internet trolls, gamegaters, organized brigades, network groups, retrograde populism, and manospheres. Ultimately, those who reinforce misinformation practices are typically those who have something to gain.

The point I would like to emphasize is that in a world where everyone is out to gain something, and genuine information sharing is rare at best…it is encouraging to see a content creator looking to illuminate users on something that could actually benefit instead of mislead users.

Review of website’s marketability and intended audience:

I think this website’s marketability is proficient as it states the goal and intended users on the home page itself with the introductory slogan “Learn about Crypto & NFT’s: Welcome to idkcrypto. Come with an open mind, leave with empowering knowledge”. What I think is most effective is how this web space is not exclusive to one demographic, as it primarily entails an informative cyberinfrastructure. Therefore, leaving no room for criticism for the lack of audience reach, it is simply up to the user themselves.

Overall, I think this website has so much potential and is already off to a great start. I am appreciative of my time spent analyzing the site and its content, as the discourse presented is something I am undereducated in. Definitely a site I will be revisiting even after the semester, so I hope it is kept running!

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