Today’s agenda is as spontaneous as the adventure leading up to it. As I contemplated who I could possibly get in touch with out of the MCU to be my guest star for this interview, I sought refuge in a psychic. Why? Well, I found it quite unreasonable to expect any of these renowned superheroes to give me the time of day out of their busy schedules. Alas, I needed to clear my own psych from spiralling due to having no luck with reaching even the well loved train wreck *whisper* Peter Parker. WHICH BRINGS ME TO *drum roll* please…an out of world experience, quite literally. Upon my visit with the psychic, I was startled with an opportunity presented by a certain billionaire industrialist who in exchange for quenching his netherworld boredom provided me with an unconventional solution.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give the floor to Iron Man, otherwise known as Tony Stark, the man who gave his life for the lives of many. His final farewell, for those who missed it.

-Tony Stark-

Well, even Jarvis couldn’t have given me a better introduction, in fact he’s convinced I gave up my physical being to remain as the centre of attention infinitely. He’s one to talk huh, considering he originated in the centre of my diseased chest.

Today, I am provided the opportunity to say all the things I could not, offer some closure if you must. Consider this my ultimate farewell to the physical world of the one’s I care for. Pepper, I always said I shouldn’t be alive…unless it was for a reason, and now my heart has stopped beating, yet my soul continues to astroproject across this desolate plain. The reason? You, Morgan, my life force that keeps me alive every night when you two live in my memory, and reminisce my less than appropriate demeanour. You never left my peripherals when I was with you, and now the two of you never leave the entirety of my vision as I watch over you from this god foresaken cavern of lost souls. Oh, thats right, do you know how many of Parker’s multiverse villains I had to blast away from seeping through Strange’s spell? Too many, doing gods work even outside the domain of the living, why am I not surprised. I thought Peter giving EDITH to that revenge striken wannabe me Mysterio was the last of his timeless antics. That’s right Peter, if you’re tuning into this which you should be, I remain cleaning up your messes from magic land over here while you have successfully lost everyone who I gave my life giving back to you.

Peter, you are the version of myself I wished to embody, every decision you have made leading up to every loss you have just suffered are things I would have been too selfish to endure. Especially at your age. You once said to me, that the suit is all you have, and you felt you were nothing without it. I have seen how much more you are without it than you think you are with it. I am proud of you Peter, and I have been watching over you equivalent to the time I spend overlooking Pepper and Morgan. Listen up, because you know sentiment is not my forte. Your aunt May and I, we’re getting along quite well up here. You are family Peter, and we are always going to be watching over you even if you can’t see us. I would suggest talking to Strange about some netherworld to real world communication but seeing as that isn’t an option anymore this oddly therapeutic cat blog is all we have. Cheer up kid, after all, it’s Happy who lost the love of his life.

Happy, I could not have asked for a better best friend, keep those gadgets well prepared for when you remember Peter again.

This turned out to be quite the emotional rollercoaster, out of character for Tony Stark isn’t it? Nick ol pal, I know you will get your hands on this some how. When comes the time, Morgan will look to follow in my foot steps, turn her away.

With eternal love from your still genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playbo-loving husband and present father*, Tony Stark. Let’s go Jarvis.

-Tony Stark-

Wow, what an addition to my blog, I hope this guest appearance resonates with you guys as much as it has with me. Make the most of the life you have everyone, I know I will, as I continue to cherish and live in every moment, because life is simply too short.

“I am..Iron Man!”

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