Reviewing: Classics Today

This week I will be conducting a peer review for the website Classics Today designed by classmate Michael Sookarow. Furthermore, I will include screenshots and links to each respective part of the blog of which I refer to. The website Classics Today instantly appeals to the eye as it employs this sort of film noir aesthetic. The organization is simple and easy to follow for visitors of the site in addition to categorization and accessibility making the site easy enough to maneuver. The design is effective as the use of a black canvas and white font ensures that visitor’s focus is where it needs to be. Additionally, each of the movies showcased on Classics Today entails a very unique and colourful cover image that once again adds to the contrasting theme of Classics Todays’ cyberinfrastructure.

In relation to Matthew Stadler’s notion of the public from week four, he addressed, what makes up “the production of a public”. I argue that Classics Today is quite unique from other websites in the course as it entails such exclusive content that can be tailored to a specific type of public. This website has both created the production of a public that can unite in the shared appreciation for class films and wish to engage in relevant discourse surrounding this topic. While simultaneously creating a webspace for those who are already part of the larger public that finds solace in classic film. I think this website has potential to both generate new publics and/or engage existing publics which is what sets it apart from others.

Moving onto more specific components of the website, I found the review on The Wizard of Oz specifically engaging as it is a movie I have grown up watching time and time again. It was interesting to read someone else’s analysis on the film and see where we shared opinions and challenged notions of the film. I think Classics Today did a great job respecting initial claims of not including spoilers in the content published, all the while still being able to effectively critique the film.

The about page showcased on Classics Today proved to be a nice intimate touch that allows site visitors to gain a connection and sense of self in regards to who the publisher behind this website is. I think it is quite intriguing that the publisher acknowledged how being an Accounting major does not allow them to divulge in the more creative components of academics; so finding the opportunity in PUB 101 really enabled a real sense of self-expression otherwise unable to be found in many other fields of study. Fortunate enough for myself, being a Communications major, I was always able to engage in the more creative facets of academics. That being said, I used to be an Economics major, which is why I can resonate with the site publisher’s appreciation for being able to explore academics outside Business discourse. Alas, the about page offers a multidimensional level of user-creator connectivity.

Finally, I wanted to touch base on my favourite part of the website, the rating system. I thought this was a very creative implementation into the cyberinfrastructure of Classics Today as it offered essential clarity to how these films are being critiqued. The initial link to this page can be found on the home page which leaves no room for confusion as it is a referencing tool site visitors are given access to upon entry. The website Classics Today is ultimately a very unique concept to bring forth, and it is a site I have genuinely enjoyed exploring as I myself have a soft spot for movies, classics, and film critique. Well done with the website and making a topic that is so exclusive, inclusive in its intersection with both contemporary and retro discourse. Posts seems to have been kept on top of and I am excited to see new content!

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