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This week, I will be exploring a peer’s domain, in hopes of assessing, admiring, and critiquing the progress up to date. The domain I have been assigned with is the site titled by jaymee. Just at first glance I am taken off guard by the creativity, skill and overt effort that has been implemented in Jaymee’s domain. Vocalizing a background in design and brand strategy, Jaymee does not disappoint when exemplifying this through the decisions made within every aspect of her layout. Drawing from the week two reading The Online Disinhibition Effect by John Suler, Jaymee dismantles the unseen barriers set up between content creator and content consumer. For instance, the vibrance and tone employed in the colour schemes and word choice immediately shatter any notion of dissociative anonymity and invisibility.

As a consumer of Jaymee’s content, I feel as though her voice fully resonates through the text used as it welcomes you to an environment posing endless opportunities. Although it is common in many online environments users cannot see creators, that is not the case when exploring the environment generated by Jaymee. Even though Jaymee’s About page offers insight to who she is physically, she has already set herself apart with a very specific aesthetic using website imagery and showcasing personal work that emphasizes who she is without the need of a direct visual. Ultimately, Jaymee seems keen to express who she is, and does not hide within the anonymity of the cyberinfrastructure she has created.

I also want to address Suler’s ideals of personality variables that pertain to the online space. Jaymee’s personality is vibrantly distributed in all components of her domain. She should be proud, because she has successfully created this extremely driven space which elicits motivation from visitors. Myself, being a amateur digital designer at best immediately found safety within Jaymee’s borders, and could not wait to explore the rest of her website upon initial entry!

Onto the more technical components of by jaymee, the site is easily navigated and accessible. Jaymee has appropriately categorized the different content showcased on her website with eye-catching images and consistent patterns. While she ensures consistency in text, I enjoy how not any one page is the same. It keeps users on their toes, and excited to explore one new thing after another.

I want to touch base on one particular blog post that I found extremely beneficial as a visitor of Jaymee’s site. This was the How to Build a Portfolio blog post. As a Communications Co-op student myself, I found this blog post quite illuminating and filled with relevant discourse. (

At this time I do not see any room for critique, and I say this genuinely, it is clear Jaymee knows how to maneuver a digital space.

Overall, Jaymee, I think you have done an outstanding job showcasing who you are inside and outside an online-self. Moreover, while you showcase a digital design skill set far more advanced than myself, the domain you have created made me feel welcome as a beginner. I am excited to see the growth of your online-self, and the domain itself, but more so to continue learning from your specialization in brand strategy. I think it is amazing that you are dedicating so much to creating a domain that will genuinely help visitors in one aspect or another!

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