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Is Making Public Political Statements in The Online Domain Good or Bad?

Right off the bat, NO! I do not think in any circumstances posting political views publicly is a beneficial mode of action. This is because everything published to the cyberspace can always be used against you. Which is why, when it has come to my own web space, I feel as though I have been tip-toeing around what content is appropriate and what is not. Considering that my website is a personal domain that dismantles my own experiences and mental health; I am always aware of how much of myself I am allowing the world to see, and ensuring there is nothing that could be used against me.

This brings me to discussions of fake news, as per discussed in the week 7 lecture. Posting political statements publicly either stems from bias, generates bias, or perpetuates bias. This bias is usually showcased in forms of various fake news practices such as; disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation. It is human nature to talk whether the discourse is true or not, it WILL be spread like wild fire, so better not have your own name affiliated in any way right?

Moreover, posting political discourse will more often than not reproduce cyber bullying, cancel culture, and retaliation of all sorts. Take Justin Trudeau for example, he has been the subject of many cyber attacks by users all around the world. Dragged for being an illegitimate son, and black-facing, Trudeau’s name has been tarnished time and time again. While I do not side with him necessarily, I do not think it is fair for strangers around the world to assume they know enough about a person based on old posts and conspiracy theories. This can be very harmful for all parties involved. The people involved in cancel culture are digging into their own deepest insecurities to tear down those around them. While those subjected to cancel culture face life-threatening situations.

Overall, content posted should always be monitored, fact checked, and edited. While the online world has ignited chains of social connectivity, there are always those looking to take advantage of this. Therefore, as a content creator protection of one’s self should outweigh the need to be heard politically unless necessary to do so otherwise.

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