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Reflecting on My Privacy as a Student in Relation to Discussions Prompted by Audrey Waters

Given the opportunity to create and establish my own data and digital identity in a controlled environment has enabled me to reflect on my existing digital foot print that is perpetually subjected to privacy breeching. That being said, data-harvesting is a practice that I am fully aware of, and continue to sign my rights away for in order to use various platforms in the online domain. While I am able to acknowledge my own role in reproducing this practice it does not invalidate how unethical and invasive data-harvesting still remains. Audrey Watters addresses an inevitable reality that concludes on students having little to no agency in education technology, and education itself. As an average human being, this lack of agency is not exclusive to the confines of a student, and is quite prevalent in many other dimensions of life. Which is why I am grateful to be given the opportunities presented in PUB 101 which encourages creativity and control over work exclusive to the self. Being a user of multiple forms of social media for much longer than I would like to admit to, I am aware of how these online platforms shape and filter various domains of the private sphere in order to be welcomed by the public sphere. This social structure has been one I have been battling since entering my young adult years, and is still an ongoing one at that. The expansion of has been an enlightening experience all the way from struggling through the trial and error phases of starting up a new website; to the tranquility offered through posting about something truly meaningful to me. I am looking forward to exploring this new path as a content creator in a space that maintains boundaries and filters controlled by myself.

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