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Among many newly explored topics disclosed in this weeks pub 101 lecture I have been most intrigued by the concept of the “personal” cyberinfrastructure. Prior to my enrolment in this course my digital footprint has been monitored, and limited by the various cyberinfrastructures of existing online domains. Additionally, I have maintained a certain sense of “self” on all my existing platforms that are overtly aware of the public eye. Living in a world where everything is just a google search away leaves little to no room for online negligence. Therefore, I have found that I am in a constant internal war weighing the level of carefree that is socially acceptable in an online setting no matter how important authenticity is to me.

Which brings me to my appreciation of pub 101’s curricula that offers students an outlet to inspire, support, and shape imagination. Only now, do I have an understanding and value for these easy to use affordances I have been granted access to as a daily practice. It is when I began my own experimentations with server management tools via the cPanel interface, that I learned the significance in becoming a system administrator for my own digital space. It is through this expansion of the personal cyberinfrastructure that I have been able to build crucial technical skills that include information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking. As someone who has been used to the restraints of external cyberinfrastructures it is extremely liberating to be given an opportunity to shape my own expression, cognition, and learning in a highly digitized world within my own digital realm.

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