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Quality of Content: in progress

Over the last few weeks, I have really struggled with the identity of my cyberinfrastructure. This is because I have made the decision to make my cyberspace a personalized realm that tackles very intimate aspects of my identity. When having decided to create a safe space for both myself and other individuals to address very real mental health issues faced by students, I had not realized the extent to which I should be creating engaging content that allows viewers to identify me and to be able to identify themselves in me.

Two weeks ago, my TA pointed out that the initial content in my paww-chapters did not employ enough content for readers to understand the purpose of the posts. This was an extremely illuminating critique because it allowed me to really consider my own boundaries as a content creator. So, in these last two weeks I have been experimenting with developing the quality of content I produce, what I am willing to share, and what I anticipate users’ to find engaging. I am aware that I have a long way to go, but as I continue to navigate my way around my own cyberinfrastructure I am constantly learning new things to enhance the structure of this digital realm and establish my online-self.

My goal for reading break will be to re-vamp the initial paww-chapters I had released, in addition to facilitating more accessible qualities into my website.

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