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The Notion Public?

Intrigued by the multidimensional level at which the term public is defined, this week, I am opting in to further explore this notion. Referring to the week’s relevant authors Warner, Stadler, Haacke, and Fraser; there is one conclusion tying them together. This being, that there is no one public. Therefore, the various publics act as catalysts for the diverse circulation of information sharing practices. This weeks lecture discussions left me contemplating the various publics that influence my day to day and considering what categories of the public space they fit into.

In class we were asked to identify the different publics in our life that play the most relevant roles. If I were to rate the different publics in my life in terms of significance it would be as so; Spotify, FaceTime calls, and the gym. The common denominator between these three can all be associated to my mental health. Spotify reflects the universal public of avid music listeners that find solace in sound, FaceTime calls reflect the safety of my “own” personal public consisted of the people closest to me, and finally the gym reflects the universal public of individuals finding escapism through working on themselves.

Lastly, I offer a final discussion on Robert Asen’s notion of counter publics. We are in an ever changing loop of change, therefore, it almost seems impossible to identify one counter-public. Contemporary society embraces what once was seen as oppositional culture, so what would the counter-public be today?

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