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Transmedia Integration

Over the duration of the semester we have touched base on the practice of ‘Transmedia’, which entails the interaction between various forms of media leading to convergence. This relationship between different forms of media is an effective way to curate more enticing content. Through the process of creating my content over the last few weeks I have felt it is repetitive in nature, even though I try to capture a range of activities involving Luka and I.

Following this realization lead me to creating and publishing a TikTok that truly captures Luka’s personality. A picture can relay a 1000 words or nothing at all. Content reception will always be subjective to each individual, and no matter how much a creator assumes their content will be perceived a certain way there is no guarantee. Therefore, the importance of transmedia to engage and relay information is crucial in an age where perception is so easily manipulated. In future posts, I hope to incorporate more aspects of transmedia to establish a unique space that emphasizes creativity and storytelling.

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